Sustainable ICT software engineer
Role title: Sustainable ICT software engineer
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Summary statement: The Sustainable ICT software engineer designs and builds energy efficient software.
Mission:  To design, develop and maintain software that require less energy by optimizing the different steps of software development from users’ requirements aspects to software implementation and use.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Energy-efficient software.

  • Technical KPIs and measurement.

  • Contribute to the optimization of the environmental footprint of software development projects.

  • Build software that helps users to reduce their negative environmental impact.

  • This may comprise optimization of code, end-user functionalities or usability.

  • Promote standardization, factoring, re-use (component-based-development) and actively contribute to make-or-buy decisions.

  • Hardware architecture optimization recommendations.

  • Sustainable ICT Development Roadmap.

  • IT development architecture document.

Main task/s:
  • Including environmental costs in software development projects.

  • Checking users’ requirements functionality.

  • Using energy efficient coding techniques.

  • Testing software on load and on requirements from the Sustainable ICT point of view.

  • Maximizing reuse of existing software blocks.

  • Developing code for commonly used infrastructure platforms.

  • Promoting open source.

  • Promoting open source.

  • Advising on make or buy decisions.

Environment: Works within the application development team and has regular contacts with Sustainable ICT and infrastructure efficiency specialists.
  • Quantity of Open Source used.

  • Quantity of processes environmentally enabled via Sustainable ICT.

  • Quantity of CO2 saved by using optimized software.

  • Quantity of CO2 saved during project development.

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