Sustainable ICT consultant
Role title: Sustainable ICT consultant
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Summary statement: The Sustainable ICT consultant advices organizations on their Sustainable ICT strategy and the way this strategy can be implemented in the most effective and efficient manner.
Mission:  To deliver to organizations advice, based on a consistent, repeatable and measurable model of best practices. This should allow the organization to reach their short, mid and long term IT environmental objectives.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Provide advice, resulting in the following deliverables.

  • Maturity level report.

  • Roadmap As-Is to To-Be.

  • Sustainable ICT project portfolio.

  • KPIs and measurement.

  • Deliver environmental and financial results by providing advice on the content and implementation of a successful Sustainable ICT strategy.

  • Address risks towards environmental compliance and standards.

  • CSR/GRI report.

  • Communication plans.

  • IT strategy.

  • IT policies.

  • Sustainable ICT Governance (assisting decision makers).

Main task/s:
  • Assessing maturity levels related to Sustainable ICT.

  • Defining strategy, goals, measurements etc.

  • Defining roadmaps and providing assistance in the implementation thereof.

  • Supporting internal and external communication plans.

  • Supporting IT procurement team.

  • Monitoring compliance with standards and regulations on Sustainable ICT.

Environment: Usually works independently in close collaboration with the IT, facilities, communication, HR, procurement and CSR departments. The Sustainable ICT consultant can work as an external consultant or internally within the company. The role can be combined with the Sustainable ICT auditor.
  • Percentage recommendations accepted by management.

  • Spread of recommendations on strategic, tactic and operational level.

  • Percentage Sustainable ICT projects delivered in time, within budget, within scope and within according to quality requirements.

  • Percentage of policies related to environmental regulations.

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