Sustainable ICT auditor
Role title: Sustainable ICT auditor
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Summary statement: The Sustainable ICT auditor provides independent assurance on the effectiveness of the Sustainable ICT Strategy and/or its implementation.
Mission:  To assist the organization in evaluating and improving their Sustainable ICT strategy by identifying risks and assessing the effectiveness of the internal controls to address these risks. This allows for compliance with Sustainable ICT standards and regulatory requirements.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Audit report with findings and recommendations.

  • Benchmark with peer organizations.

  • KPIs and measurement.

  • Assess and mitigate the risk exposure towards Sustainable ICT standards and/or regulation.

  • Provide assurance to management that all Sustainable ICT measures reported to the different stakeholders are timely, correct and complete.

  • Enterprise risk plan.

  • CSR/GRI report.

  • Regulatory reporting.

Main task/s:
  • Audit Sustainable ICT strategy and/or implementation.

  • Contribute to regulatory compliance and/or standards.

  • Measure process effectiveness.

  • Audit IT carbon footprint process.

  • Control alignment between Sustainable ICT and corporate sustainability.

  • Audit Sustainable ICT purchasing policies.

  • Assess Sustainable ICT costs savings.

Environment: Usually works in the risk or internal audit department, in collaboration with IT and facilities management, CSR and finance departments and Sustainable ICT specialists. The Sustainable ICT auditor can work as an external consultant or internally within the company. The role can be combined with the Sustainable ICT consultant.
  • Percentage Sustainable ICT risks under control.

  • Degree of conformance with Sustainable ICT standards and regulations.

  • Spread of recommendations on strategic, tactic and operational level.

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