Sustainable ICT ambassador
Role title: Sustainable ICT ambassador
Also known as Sustainable ICT Communication Sponsor / Sustainable ICT enabler
Relevant professions:
Summary statement: The Sustainable ICT ambassador actively promotes Sustainable ICT initiatives within the organization.
Mission:  To spread sustainable ICT best practices and policy messages amongst employees. The Sustainable ICT ambassador is there to facilitate the implementation and support the communication of Sustainable ICT. Of paramount importance is to be able to persuade her/his manager and peers to agree with the need to adopt a Sustainable ICT approach.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Feedback reports.

  • Survey reports.

  • Awareness documents.

  • Ensure smooth and effective communication on Sustainable ICT within the organization.

  • Ensure the various stakeholders are actively involved in the deployment of the Sustainable ICT strategy.

  • Provide timely feedback on the implementation and effective perception of the various Sustainable ICT initiatives.

  • Monitor the implementation plan, as defined in the Sustainable ICT Roadmap.

  • Communication plans.

  • Sustainable ICT Roadmap.

  • CSR/GRI reports.

Main task/s:
  • Gathering feedback, criticisms and suggestions for improvement.

  • Organizing ad-hoc surveys.

  • Support internal and external communication.

  • Organize awareness sessions (online, offline).

  • Act as key point of contact for Sustainable ICT matters.

Environment: Usually works with an informal team of CSR, communication, Sustainable ICT and HR professionals. The Sustainable ICT ambassador role can be a part-time role and may be easily combined with another role.
  • Percentage of employees aware of Sustainable ICT.

  • Percentage of employees, actively involved in Sustainable ICT.

  • Percentage of action points, actively followed up.

  • Number of internal or public posts/articles referring to the company’s support for Sustainable ICT.

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