Web Marketer
Role title: Web Marketer
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Summary statement: The web marketer is in charge of interactive marketing.
Mission:  To contribute to the success of the enterprise, i.e. visibility, traffic and/or sales, through the website, web application or web campaign.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Marketing campaigns.Marketing analysis and reports.

  • Defines and takes charge of the promotion of a website, web application or manages a web campaign in view of making it successful, whether measured in commercial, social or other terms.

  • Marketing strategy / plan.

Main task/s:
  • Web Campaign Management - planning and executing online marketing campaigns.

  • Conversion Strategies - such as converting page-views to revenue.

  • Search Engine Optimisation - achieving optimal search engine results.

  • Web Analytics - providing detailed reports on the relative success of said campaigns.

  • Marketing data analysis.

Environment: Usually works in a team alongside other marketing specialists and reports to a Marketing Coordinator.
  • Number of new visitors.

  • Page views / visitor.

  • Old visitor return rate.

  • Average order value.

  • Bounce rate.

  • Cancellation rate.

  • Number of orders per customer per year.

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