Internet Hotline Operator
Role title: Internet Hotline Operator.
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Summary statement: The Internet Hotline Operator provides user support. Hotline operators can also work on customer relationship (accounting, payments, etc.).
Mission: To quickly and effectively receive, interpret, analyze and process requests and issues from customers or users of a product or system, by means of email, chat, telephone (including VOIP services such as Skype) or other forms of communication.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Issue tickets.

  • First level support.

  • The timely provision of constructive responses to client requests for support.

  • Analysis of client issues, accurate interpretation for technical analysis, and providing solutions.¬†

  • Feed knowledge from the support tickets into knowledge databases to support community collaboration tools and internal knowledge sharing.

  • Resolved issues.

  • Knowledge databases.

Main task/s:
  • Responding to customer enquiries via telephone, chat or email.¬†

  • Processing of resulting issue tickets.¬†

  • Escalating issues to second line support.

Environment: Usually works in a team of operators and reports to a team leader.
  • Response rate.

  • Tickets closed.

  • Requests solved.¬†

  • Requests solved first time.¬†

  • Requests responded to without escalation to second level support.

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