Tourism Online Reputation Manager
Role title: Tourism Online Reputation Manager
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Summary statement: The Tourism Online Reputation Manager monitors and answers to informations about the organization products and services available on the internet. (S)he improve the notoriety and valorise the organization in a positive way.
  • Seek and identify relevant sources.

  • Answers to negative comments, and posts in a positive way

  • Seeks and analyse informations and comments about the organisation

  • Creates relationship between customers and opinion leaders with the organisation in a positive way.

  • Understand user’s feedback and reacts accordingly

  • Improve online presence

  • Improve qualitative SEO

  • Improve numeric identity of the organisation

  • Promote tourism-related products/services

  • Improve notoriety of the organisation

  • Reports to top management public image of the organisation

  • Deals with online opinion leaders (positive and negative)

The overall mission is to promote the organisation’s image and tourism related product/service through participation in online conversation and to treat negative comments and transform them into a positive approach.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • e-Marketing campaigns

  • Marketing analysis and reports

  • Delivers to top management feed-back and proposals to improve notoriety of organisation

  • Monitor and respond to incoming online conversations

  • Report on online media presence

  • SEO qualitative ranking

  • Development of customer orientation inside the organisation

Main task/s:
  • Seek and analyze informations available on the web about the organization

  • Moderate social networks, forums, blogs

  • Deals with opinion leaders, and engage positive mutual understanding

  • Encourage customers’ social participation

  • Collect feedback of tourists on products/services

  • Identify negative comments and unbalanced information about products/services

  • Virally promote organization’s identity/products/services on social media platforms

  • Engage in personalized online communication and promote online contents

  • Understand the psychology and expectations of consumers and other potential stakeholders

  • Evaluate customer satisfaction against their expectations and suggest improvements

  • Benchmark the online presence of competitors

  • Monitor reputation/desirability of a product/service

  • Observe current trends in e-Tourism

  • Reports to top management numeric identity of the organization

  • Organize exchange with online opinion leaders (supporters or opponents)

  • Deal with online reviews and improve number and quality

Environment: The Tourism Online Reputation Manager works with the marketing/communication department. S/He is strictly connected with the top management, due to her/his role in delivering key promotional/sensitive information.
  • Customer satisfaction

  • Level of social network activity, e.g. number of followers, comments

  • Number of back linking from social media websites, forums, blogs

  • Building up and /or maintaining positive reputation in online media

  • Qualitative SEO ranking

  • Number and quality of reviews

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