e-Tourism Revenue Manager
Role title: e-Tourism Revenue Manager
Also known as
Relevant professions:e-Distribution Manager

e-Commerce Manager
Summary statement: The e-Tourism Revenue Manager facilitates the selection of optimum revenue opportunities and online distribution channels, measures total revenue performance against strategy and targets and elaborates pricing and revenue optimizing tactics and strategies.
Mission:¬† Promote and manage (online) sales activities and to optimize revenues. ‚ÄúSelling the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price‚ÄĚ
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Rate and content audits by channel

  • Performance analysis of distribution channel (ROI)

  • Revenue reports

  • Manage distribution channels

  • Develop and implement channel management strategies

  • Report on competitive performance

Main task/s:
  • Evaluate and implement pricing strategies based on robust economic, financial, historical, and statistical analysis.

  • Negotiate the supplier / contractor relationships and establish optimal terms and conditions.

  • Maintain pricing systems and processes.

  • Yield management.

  • Deliver revenue reports and reservation patterns analyses.

  • Monitor and analyse the competition.

  • Monitor, measure and evaluate pricing and product performance.

  • Support the e-marketing campaigns of the marketing department to meet channel targets.

  • Cooperate with staff of the marketing, product sourcing, and packaging teams to ensure effective pricing strategy, market position and products (management of products and services, development of integrated packaged tourist offering).

  • Determine the annual budget allocation for distribution channels.

  • Conduct business mix analysis; develop revenue and profit budgets by market segment.

  • Proactively communicate factors affecting pricing and competitive performance to senior management.

  • Develop a deep understanding of the industry, market, supply economics and company‚Äôs value proposition for travellers and suppliers.

Environment: The Tourism Revenue Manager works in the sales department and collaborates closely with the marketing department. S/He is strictly connected with the top management, due to her/his role in delivering key promotional/sensitive information.
  • RevPAR, occupancy rate, ADR

  • Revenues per channel

  • Distribution costs (including marketing and commissions)

  • ROI on distribution channels

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