e-Tourism Destination Manager
Role title: e-Tourism Destination Manager
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Summary statement: The e-Tourism Destination Manager is in charge of the interactive marketing of touristic destinations.
Mission:  To contribute to the success of tourism destinations by generating visibility and traffic and/or sales through online applications or campaigns.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Destination management campaigns

  • Marketing analysis and reports

  • Define and take charge of the promotion of a website, online application or online campaign

  • Develop, manage, and optimize destination management programs

  • Provide analysis and insight on destination management programs

  • Evaluate new destination management opportunities to maximize growth

  • Marketing strategy / plan

  • Communication / Social media strategy / plan

  • Sales strategy /plan

Main task/s:
  • Develop strategies with key stakeholders (public and private), in order to create attractive tourism packages for the promotion of specific touristic destinations.

  • Develop partnerships between destination stakeholders and co-ordinate successful delivery of touristic products services.

  • Use advanced ICT tools to dynamically interact with clients, providing advice about regions, promoting destinations globally, handling complaints and ensuring that special groups, such as disabled travellers, are adequately served.

  • Develop destination management strategy in coordination with the online community / social media manager and the e-sales specialist.

  • Plan and execute destination management campaigns.

  • Provide detailed analysis and reports on the success of destination management campaigns.

Environment: The e-Tourism Destination Manager usually works with the marketing and sales departments (Revenue Manager), while collaborating closely with the online community manager and/or social media manager. Works closely with relevant public and private stakeholders of the destination.
  • Number of new visitors

  • Page views / visitor

  • Number of bookings per customer per year

  • Average order value

  • Conversion rate

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