e-Tourism Content Curator
Role title: e-Tourism Curator
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Summary statement: The e-Tourism Content Curator finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content relevant to tourism.
Mission:  The overall mission is to sort through the vast amounts of relevant content on the web and present a customized selection of the best and most relevant resources in a meaningful and organized way around specific themes of relevance to tourism.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Content displayed in the curated

  • parts of the web presence

  • Quality, relevance, accurateness, pertinence and
    timeliness of single content items

  • Content classification

  • Attractiveness of the overall content selection

  • Content renewal rate

  • Website analytics

  • Website usability analysis

  • Search engine optimization

  • Competitor benchmarking

  • Trends monitoring in e-Tourism

Main task/s:
  • Aggregation: select and assemble the most relevant information about a particular topic into a single location.

  • Distillation: reduce information to a more simplistic format sharing only the most important or relevant ideas.

  • Elevation: identify a larger trend or insight from smaller daily musings posted online.

  • Mashup: create unique juxtapositions merging existing content to create a new point of view.

  • Chronology: bring together historical information and organize it on a timeline to show an evolving understanding of a particular topic.

Environment: The e-Tourism Content Curator works with the marketing department.
  • Quantity of relevant content items

  • Usability of the curated parts of the web presence

  • Additional and qualified website traffic

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Number of back linking from other websites

  • Improvement of the search engine ranking

  • Frequency of shares

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