What is e-learning ?

e-learning is the application of computer hardware and software, and computer networks such as the Internet, to any aspect of teaching and learning. e-learning frees the learner from the constraints of time and space, providing access to billions of fellow learners and practically limitless educational content. E-learning is essentially equivalent to “virtual learning” or “technology-enhanced learning“.

Why do we focus on e-learning ?

e-learning has the potential to dramatically reduce the costs of vocational learning as well as providing access to learning for many more people across the EU and the world. This at a time when economic success is so closely tied to the knowledge and skills of working people.

e-Learning initiatives

The EU recognises the strategic importance of e-learning to future economic success as well as the potential for e-learning as an industry in its own right. A wide range of projects has been initiated to encourage the use of e-learning across the EU. Find out, which are these, here!

Role Profiles

Identified role profiles to fit the market needs in the e-learning sector (Quick Overview of all profiles):

Architecting a digital learning strategy

Designing blended learning solutions

Developing digital learning content (specialist)

Developing digital learning content (non-specialist)

Facilitating virtual classroom sessions

Online tutoring

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and check out if you have the right skills or which new skills you will need to succeed in the e-Learning environment!

The Training Guidelines offer guidance for European training institutions and for all people involved in drafting curricula in this area. Download the Training Guidelines in:

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Wroclaw Round Table on e-Learning

During 2 years, a team of 7 partners from 5 EU countries (Poland, Germany, UK, Greece, France) worked on identifying skills and competences necessary to take advantage of digital technolgoies for learning. The results are 5 consolidated profiles of job descriptions that will help to adjust curricula to market needs, and training guidelines. These will be presented at this international workshop, followed by discussions with the audience and experts.


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