E-CoMet Lab

The e-CoMeT Lab promotes scientific research to develop innovation in the methodology of distance learning. It also develops innovative teaching material and instrumentation for distance learning thanks to the application of advanced technologies.

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Computer Technology Institute and Press

The CTI (Computer Technology Institute and Press) is the technological pillar for the support of ICT in education, it is responsible for the publishing of printed and electronic materials, and for the administration of the Greek School Network.

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Hellenic Network of Open and Distance Education

The Hellenic Network of Open and Distance Education contacts seminars and summer schools about e-learning, organizes an international conference every 2 years about e-learning issues and publishes a scientific journal about Open and Distance Learning.

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Open and Distance learning

The Open and Distance learning website gathers information and research about open and distance learning. It provides people with opportunities about open and distance learning both in Greece and abroad.