Digital animator / 2D-3D specialist
Role title: Digital animator / 2D-3D specialist
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Summary statement: A digital animator is the creator of moving pictures in a digital environment, using 2D or 3D techniques.
Mission:  To contribute to the success of an organisation, through presenting relevant data using 2D or 3D techniques.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Creation of 2D and 3D animations.

  • To collaborate with designers in the creation of 2D and 3D animations.

  • Design.

Main task/s:
  • Create story boards that explain the narration and script.

  • Work with animation experts to create look, characters and objects and movement for the characters and objects in the animation.

  • Design sketches and characters and build models.

  • Create detailed frame by frame visuals.

  • Ensure that the timing of object and character’s movements match to the soundtrack.

  • Prepare conceptual drafts.

  • Consult with writers about the storylines and actions required to be taken on a particular plot.

  • Meet user’s and client’s requirements from their point of view.

Environment: Usually works with the design team. May also interact with technicians, such as programmers, webmasters, etc. May report to the animation director.

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