AAL System Architect
Role title: AAL System Architect
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Summary statement: Determines the structure and management of a programme or computing system (software, hardware, interfaces).
Mission:  To designs, implement and integrate complex ICT solutions from a technical point of view, taking into account/according to the needs of the customers. Call for a set of modules and components that will populate the architecture. Ensure that technical solutions, procedures and models for development are up-to-date and comply with standards. Observe technical developments and integrate them into new solutions. Act as a team leader for developers and technical experts.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Solution specification.

  • Designing the Integration of software and hardware components into the system.

  • Development process.

  • Design and implementation of a adequate technology proposal

Main task/s:
  • Analysing and identifying complexity of the requirements.

  • Designing the IT-structure.

  • Identifying needed processes.

  • Defining the technical and human interfaces.

  • Identifying the technological and functional risks.

  • Specify and design complex ICT solutions.

  • Planning time, cost and quality of the designed and specified solution.

  • Lead development and integration of components.

  • Lead or conduct system integration.

  • Documents draft architectural views.

Environment: Usually works with the component developers to whom he provides guidelines and monitors their progress. Also works with the AAL Consultant and the AAL Community Manager.
KPI’s: Although a successful design is difficult to measure per se, the following will be indicators:
  • Projects on time, on budget and according to specifications.

  • Effectiveness and efficiency of solution implementation.

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