AAL Maintenance Specialist
Role title: AAL Maintenance Specialist
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Summary statement: Installs, configures and maintains AAL products, components and systems. Provides technical assistance (online support or on the spot).
Mission:  “Keep things going” from the technical point of view. To support, install, configure and repair the system incl. the components.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Software and hardware components.

  • System and network components.

  • Failure and change reports.

  • Solution instructions

  • Give technical support, install updates and upgrades.

  • Install hardware, network, components of the system, repair or deliver parts if they are defect.

Main task/s:
  • Technical monitoring and support.

  • Analyse and identify software and hardware problems.

  • Discussing and solving the problems in the developing team.

  • Managing and explaining the solutions related to time, quality and cost.

  • Change or repair components or parts of the system.

  • Estimating the risk of repairing and changing a faulty system.

  • Explaining the change and an altered function.

  • Calculating the complexity and cost of maintenance.

  • Using the newest and best solution of components, functions and systems.

  • Install the system and network incl. internet connection.

  • Install updates and upgrades.

  • Support and instruct the customers.

Environment: Usually works independently in close collaboration with the IT facilities, AAL Community Manager and CSR departments. The AAL Maintenance Specialist can work as an external or internal supplier of services.
KPI’s: Although a successful design is difficult to measure per se, the following will be indicators:
  • Customer satisfaction.

  • Reliability of systems and components.

  • Trouble-free running system.

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