AAL Consultant
Role title: AAL Consultant
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Summary statement: Owns product and market knowledge, analyses customers needs and necessities, defines and specifies solution requirements, evaluates installed AAL solutions.
Mission:  To identify the best-suited AAL product/solution according to the consumer’s needs, requirements and financial resources.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Evaluation of customers’ needs.

  • Consulting strategies.

  • Evaluation of consulting services.

  • Selection of adequate products and services.

  • Bridge the gap between technology and consumers by proposing the development/purchase of AAL-friendly products/devices and guiding the customers to select the ones that suit their needs.

  • Ethical issues‘ report.

  • Market analysis.

  • User requirements.

  • Suggestion of AAL products/devices related to ICT.

  • Usability evaluation.

Main task/s:
  • Remain informed of new and emerging AAL technologies and systems.

  • Analyse market, identify market trends and user requirements.

  • Understand the expectations of consumers and other potential stakeholders.

  • Selecting and approving befitting products and solutions.

  • Provide consumers with the most suitable solution tailored to their needs, requirements and capabilities.

  • Communicates with customers as well as with service providers.

  • Evaluate customer needs and formulate consulting strategies.

  • Interface technology, client needs and caregiving services.

  • Preparing and negotiating contracts with suppliers.

  • Monitor compliance with standards and regulations on ICT.

  • Provide advice on how to optimize the use of existing tools and systems.

  • Raise awareness of information technology innovations and potential value to a business.

Environment: Usually works independently in close collaboration with the AAL System Architect and the Communication Manager. The AAL Consultant can work as an external consultant or internally within the company.
KPI’s: Although a successful design is difficult to measure per se, the following will be indicators:
  • Number of new customers.

  • Customer satisfaction.

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