AAL Community manager
Role title: AAL Community manager
Also known as AAL Assistant / Social Networker / Social care facilitator/ Social inclusion Facilitator
Relevant professions:
Summary statement: Provide an interactive environment in which persons benefitting of assistance are connected with care providers and with their broader environment. Partner of the customer: trains, attends and supports customer, co-ordinates care services and social interactions which are facilitated by AAL technologies ensuring the wellbeing and social inclusion of the customer.
Mission:  Support Customer and coordinates care services:
  • Help customer benefitting of assistance to remain socially included and connected through ICT-based monitoring and assistance tools;

  • Create and maintain such socially inclusive and collaborative ICT applications in order to foster a sense of being socially included and taken care of.

Work in tandem with care providers, Consultants and Maintenance Specialists to provide support and knowledge sharing, in order to improve the wellbeing, feeling of saferty and social participation of the customer.
Deliverables: AccountableResponsibleContributor
  • Specific AAL monitoring and assistance systems.

  • Forum.

  • Wiki.

  • Internet Chat.

  • External email accounts (user support, questions,etc).

  • Social networks.

  • Telephone.

  • Connects with care providers and service providers to the preservation and maintenance of participation in social life.

  • Instructs maintenance provider for the quick repair of the system with interference.

  • Support for Hotline Operators and care providers.

  • Ethical issues report.

  • Applicational function analysis.

  • User requirements.

  • Usability evaluation.

Main task/s:
  • Respond to incoming requests and questions.

  • Follow-up customer requests.

  • Coordination of care and service providers, in order to improve the wellbeing, feeling of saferty and social participation of the customer.

  • Moderate social networks.

  • Moderate forums.

  • Encourage and motivate customers social participation.

  • Personal mentoring customers.

  • Animate collaborative applications such as social networking spaces and forums.

  • Guide users while using social networking environments.

  • Suggest alternative ways of entertainment and various social activities towards improving users’ quality of life.

  • Evaluate the impact of social participation and implement additional/different approaches if necessary.

  • Understand the personality and expectations of consumers and other potential stakeholders.

  • Train consumers in use of the system which should be personalised to their needs, requirements and capabilities.

  • Observe the customers in their use and handling the systems and components.

  • Identifies necessary changes if the abilities and needs of the customers have changed.

  • Evaluate customer satisfaction against their expectations and propose responses.

  • Interfacing technology, client needs and caregiving services.

Environment: A “solution” assistant embedded in either the provider organisation working as an independent agent. Usually works in tandem with the AAL ICT infrastructure and internal development teams (Maintenance, System architect, Solution and system developers. Spends much of the time online, validating the effectiveness of the social networking tools. Promotes a positive spirit.
KPI’s: Although a successful design is difficult to measure per se, the following will be indicators:
  • Customer satisfaction, feeling of wellbeing, safety and comfort.

  • Level of social network activity.

  • Number of outstanding help tickets.

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