What is the objectives of the E-Jobs Observatory ?

Objective #1

Make Vocational Education Training (VET) more transparent and comparable at European level.


By identifying the necessary competences to specific Job Role Profiles, based on a transparent and consistent methodology, which makes use of European frameworks, e.g. the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF);
By issuing Training Guidelines for Vocational Education Training Providers, employers and employees.

Objective #2

Improve the quality of VET in the field of e-Jobs


By distinguishing training organisations proposing trainings corresponding to market needs, through the attribution of the e-Jobs Observatory Label of Excellence;
By certifying training curricula that are in accordance with labour market-oriented Role Profiles, through the attribution of the e-Jobs Observatory Seal of market Compliance and Certificate.

Objective #3

Boost the competitiveness of the European industry


By providing you the tools (e-jobs Role Profiles, e-jobs Training Guidelines) that will guide you hire specialised and highly qualified employees that have the capacity to increase your revenue and make your business a successful one.

Objective #4

Optimize the assessement procedure of your employees and choose the adequate training that will foster their competences


By undertaking a check of the competences your employees have or don’t have, according to the e-jobs Role Profiles;
By ensuring they attain the adequate knowledge on the competences they lack, following consultation of the e-jobs Training Guidelines.