What is e-Jobs Observatory?

The e-Jobs Observatory bridges the e-Skills gap by identifying market needs and enabling Training Organisations to meet those needs.

The e-Jobs Observatory is a European stakeholder network actively and continuously working on the :

  • Improvement of training quality for eJobs;
  • Lobbying for the creation of European training standards for eJobs and supporting the implementation of European norm CEN/TC 428 – ICT Professionalism and Digital competences

EN 16234-1:2016

  • Identifying e-job market needs and training gaps;
  • Promotion of Job Role Profiles and Training Guidelines developed within the various projects initiated under its umbrella.

The e-Jobs Observatory is supported by an international network of industry and training organizations. Participation in the platform is open to all qualified bodies and individuals. If you are interested, please CONTACT US.

The eJobs Observatory is a result of different Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus+ projects that were co-financed by the European Commission’s LLP programme. The e-Jobs Observatory platform is operated by RGPD Aquitaine Publication director François Adoue


By closely working with SMEs, it specifies new e-jobs Role Profiles emerging from the digital economy, issues Guidelines for training organisations developing curricula for these Profiles and promotes training organisations that follow the e-Jobs Observatory Guidelines in accordance with European norm for ICT Professionalism and Digital Competences : EN 16234-1:2016.