How to write for the Web ? just KISS !

Curated by Editoile (French communication agency )

A web redactor needs to keep some principles in mind to write correctly for the web : we can summarise as follows :
just KISS :
Keep It Short and Simple
This does not mean without style but just sweet and simple.
Just simplify formulation, to be understandable at first blick. This is not simple, it means to work hard to be clear like a water source ! Does each word has an added value ?

Roundtable on « Writing for the Web »

Writing for the Web is different than writing for any other support ! This Easter weekend, during Bordeaux Barcamp, a roundtable revealed some interesting findings, e.g.:

  • The web redactor has to start cooperating with the rest of the web team from the very beginning of the project to ensure coherency. 
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) has to be implemented since the design phase.
  • Using short sentences, making many pages, if several subjects, is better than one large page.