SMEs on line !

Belgacom, Google and Bpost launch a new initiative : « Your company on line » to support SMEs to be available online. Only 49 % of Belgian SMEs are active on the internet. SMEs explain that creating and managing a website is too complicated, or too expensive, or time consuming. Most of those SMEs do not think that having a website is really valuable .

link to the initiative :

Facebook, traffic source for news websites (France)

For some years now, Facebook has been investing in the Web and continues to attract new users. Its traffic has not stopped increasing, what level of traffic does this social network giant generate for other websites? The answer to this question for French news websites can be found in the study below.

On average for French news websites, Facebook accounts for nearly one visit out of 100 when all different traffic sources are considered…
As part of this study, we only took into consideration 12 leading French news websites audited by AT Internet solutions.

For overall traffic, after all different traffic sources have been considered, the average share of Facebook as a referrer for French news websites was 0.7% in March 2010. By way of comparison, Google’s share was 41.1%, in other words almost 60 times greater.

Study provided by AT-Internet