Realizing the organizational and educational development potential of web 2.0

SVEA, a new and innovative European project, wants to cultivate new work processes and communication strategies through the use of net-based technology.

The project addresses the collaboration and web 2.0 skills of teachers and trainers in both Vocational Education and Training (VET) and adult training institutions, with a special focus on personnel and organizational development. SVEA is composed by the following partner consortium: MFG Baden-Württemberg (Germany), CSP Innovazioni nelle ICT (Italy), EuroPACE ivzw ( Belgium), FUNDECYT (Spain), and Coleg sir Gâr (Wales).

The project will develop an online platform offering custom web 2.0 tools for trainers and teachers, combined with both an online and a face to face training program to help the target group master these web 2.0 applications. Guidelines and training material to guarantee successful implementation will also be designed.

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