DigiPen Institute of Technology Opens its First Campus in Europe

The Bilbao Chamber of Commerce and DigiPen Institute of Technology (USA) is opening a branch campus in Bilbao dedicated to growing innovation in the video game and animation industries.

The campus will provide an innovative and rigurous educational experience in the following degree programmes: Bachelor of Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Production Animation. Its purpose is to promote and develop the advancing video game and digital media sectors in Spain and throughout Europe.

It is hoped that the launch of DigiPen in Europe will foster connections and relationships with industry-leading multinationals, which in turn, will encourage innovation, enterprise, as well as research and development, in Bilbao, the Basque Country, and surrounding areas. This growth in the video game, digital imaging and communication industries, will be propelled by a well-educated and qualified workforce, and will help develop Bilbao into a European leader of the digital simulation industry.

DigiPen Institute of Technology was the first school in the world to offer a Bachelor’s degree in game education, and it is committed providing an exemplary education and furthering research in digital media and interactive computer technologies. Through the work of its students, faculty and staff, DigiPen strives to empower and inspire the industry around the globe. Currently, DigiPen has a campus in Redmond, WA, USA and another in Singapore.