Vietnam ICT Awards

The Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communications published regulations on the Vietnam Information, Communication and Technology Awards (VICTA 2010) in Hanoi on 6 January 2011.

Thirty-two awards will be presented in six main sectors of information technology (IT), including telecommunications, IT industry, IT human resources training, IT applications and digital information security to foreign businesses for their active contribution to the development of Vietnam’s ICT and to domestic businesses for the benefit of community development.

This year’s awards will honour new businesses credited with high growth rates and good services. Two awards will be given for the first time to those providing best security services and solutions.

There are also prizes for units of ministries and departments which have best applied IT in their work.

VICTA 2010 is focused on the quality, growth and effective operation of businesses involved in mobile telecommunications, Internet, software and digital information sources.

The deadline for businesses and units to send in their dossiers is March 6.