Talent Shortage Survey 2012

In order to gain a reliable empirical basis of the Talent Shortage Survey 2012 developed by Manpower Group, a total of 38,077 interviews were conducted by phone with employers in three regions during Quarter 1 2012, including 10,232 in the Americas, 8,786 in Asia Pacific and 19,059 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The most important results for the EMEA region are listed below.

  • One in four EMEA employers state that they have difficulties in filling jobs due to a lack of available talent
  • IT Staff among the top 10 jobs, employers are having difficulty filling (7th)
  • Methods, the organizations use to address the talent shortages
    • Providing additional training and development to existing Staff (21%)
    • Broadening search outside of the local region (9%)
    • Broadening search outside of the own country (9%)
    • Appointing people without job skills currently with potential to learn/grow (7%)
    • Focusing more on Staff retention in jobs where recruitment is difficult (6%)
    • Increasing starting salaries (6%)
    • Enhancing benefits packages, including signing bonus (5%)
    • Partnering with educational institutions to create curriculum aligned to talent needs (4%)

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