Green ICT for Sustainable Consumption in Europe: Experts Explore Potentials and Trends

In January, more than 50 professionals from 20 countries across Europe, the US and Australia discussed in Vienna at the event “Green ICT for Sustainable Consumption?” how ICT can increase energy and resource efficiency and make consumption more sustainable. 
Modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can have a great influence on shaping a more sustainable world. The mega-trends Cloud Computing and Smart Systems in the areas of energy, transport and housing, have the potential to substantially reduce environmental impacts and, thus, green Europe’s future. The time to adjust the future development of these technologies is now, say Europe’s leading ICT- specialists.

IT specialist shortages in Germany cost €11mrd to the sector

According to a recent study conducted by Fraunhofer IAO and BITKOM (Specialist Shortages and Know-how Retention in the IT Sector) concludes that shortages of qualified specialists is costing the sector around €11mrd per year. The survey conducted among IT and communication companies in Germany also provides some suggestions on how to overcome such shortages.