Spain breaks world record in unemployment

Southern Europe is suffering from the highest proven unemployment in the world, country specific statistics provided by the ILO for Financial Times Deutschland show. Spain holds the world record with 24.5% unemployed, followed by Greece (22.3%). The ILO is responsible for drawing up and overseeing international labour standards.

Increasing the demand of Internet-related professionals in Spain

Since March 2010, the demand of Internet-related professionals is continuously increasing in Spain while demand in the rest of the market is going down.

Most of the Spanish job demand is concentrated in one of the following 5 categories: Informatics and ICT, Communication and marketing, design and graphics arts, commercial and sales, and customer services (for example, through social networks such as Facebook or twitter)

Thanks to this tendency new jobs are being created such as:

Community manager – Chief social media officer – Professional Blogger – Digital Marketing Manager- SEO Manager – Web 2.0 programmer – Web usability specialist – Web Auditor – Web Analyst – 3D developer – Mobile technologies developer – Coolhunter- Virtual tutor.

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The « community manager » bubble in Spain

The confusion over the role of the web community manager creates discrepancies in Internet communities all over the world. In Spain 60% of unemployed people would like to redirect their careers and the Community Manager is their favourite option.
Being a community manager has become fashionable but nobody knows why. Some charge 18,000 euros per year while others earn more than 45,000. Some design complex online communication strategies while others write text messages on Twitter. Some have 10 years of experienceand an MBA and others took only a shortcourse of a few hours. The profiles are very different but they one thing in common – their title: community manager!

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