31 % of French employees have found a job through Internet

Digikaa is a social network of professionals involved in digital economy. They publish a news article relating a new study issued by CSA (One of the main french opinion poll). The results of the survey confirm the importance of internet in the recruiting process, as well for employers and employees. 67 % of employees have already look for a job on the net. Consutations and answers of job offers are the first reason, but also social networks which increase in last period.

Social networks and e-reputation: the way to employment!

Recruitments are changing, as well for SME or for large companies. A CV and a motivation letter are not the only informations sources a recruiter looks when seraching for someone to engage.

Google is also the support for recruitments in SME, as when publishing an add, hundreds of CV are received. that means that now recruiters often do not want to publish anything and look through Google persons who could fill their needs. By the way, they also check everything wich can be found on the net : social networks and any published document to verify if the transversal competences are fulfilled. This search is also done by large companies inside the recruitment process, and if the image which is given by the e-reputation, or social networks activities (highly ranked by Google) does not fit with resume or needs, they remove the application.

Social networks and e-reputation have to be checked and valorised in all searches for a job !

5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Your Resume in 10 years

An article published in Forbes identifies « 5 reasons why your online presence will replace your resume in 10 years »:

1. Social networking use is skyrocketing while email is plummeting
2. You can’t find jobs traditionally anymore
3. People are managing their careers as entrepreneurs
4. The traditional resume is now virtual and easy to build
5. Job seeker passion has become the deciding factor in employment