Adaptation to wishes of recruiting company: Laurent Brouat’s experience…

Link Humans in London is a social media consultant company. The Manager Laurent Brouat has created a document published on Youtube to recruit for an internship. He did not want to do a classical recruitment. He wanted to recruit through social network profiles such Linkedin, Viadeo or DoYouBuzz, rather than CV and motivation letter.

The first applications arrived the day after he posted his clip! He received 10 applications, by email, which all included a traditional CV. He answered asking for links to social media, then stopped because unsuccessful…

He still receives emails, all without links to social media, just including CVs!
He declares (here, in French) that, in general, recruiters have difficulties to integrate new ways of recruiting, but in fact he thinks that it is candidates who have difficulties to integrate new approaches with new tools.
Laurent Brouat explains different hypotheses :
  • Applicants are conditionned by traditioal ways of searching a job, mainly with CV.
  • The online profiles on social media are not up-to-date, including all competences and references, so they prefer to send CV.
  • They fear what they do not know how to use new tools as they never applied without CV.
  • Students have few online profiles, unlike managers…
For him this experience is a failure…Is it possible to extend his small scale experience to a larger scale ? Comments are, of course, welcome (just drop a comment below)