Call for proposals in Eco-innovation

Got a great business project that could make Europe greener but don’t know how to get it off the ground? The 2012 Eco-innovation call for proposals may be for you!
The EC published a new call for green innovation within the CIP programme. The participation of SMEs is encouraged! Topics include:
  • Materials Recycling
  • Sustainable Building Products
  • Food and Drink Sector
  • Water
  • Greening businesses

More information about the info-day here.

Important dates:

Closing date of call for proposals: 6 September 2013

SMEs on line !

Belgacom, Google and Bpost launch a new initiative : « Your company on line » to support SMEs to be available online. Only 49 % of Belgian SMEs are active on the internet. SMEs explain that creating and managing a website is too complicated, or too expensive, or time consuming. Most of those SMEs do not think that having a website is really valuable .

link to the initiative :

CEN Workshop on ICT Skills releases « Interim Report on e-CF into SMEs »

The CEN Workshop on ICT Skills released an Interim Report in the framework of a project focusing on implementing the European e-Competence Framework (eCF) into ICT SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises).

The targeted project outcomes are as follows:
1. A proposal for adapting the eCF according to SME requirements.
2. An easy tool for e-competence needs analysis within SMEs based on the eCF.
3. An initial chart connecting ICT SMEs’ e-competences to e-certifications available on the market (both proprietary and open source), based on the e-CERT mapping method (i.e. the CWA on e-Certification).

The Interim Report is circulated for comments, specifically from the ICT SME community. EMF – The Forum of e-Excellence, which represents SMEs within the Workshop, would appreciate any comments that it could relay to the Workshop.

ProInternet launches a new network of key players in the area of e-Jobs

The Pro-Internet (PIN) project aims at creating a network of key players in the area of e-Jobs and Internet-related jobs converging around a web 2.0 platform: the e-Jobs Observatory.

Through its activities, PIN hopes to contribute improving the employability of job seekers, reducing the e-skills shortages on the EU labour market, improving the quality of Vocational Education & Training (VET) in the field of e-Jobs and making VET more transparent and comparable at European level.

PIN is a concrete answer to the opportunity indentified by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in its 2008 ICT Report: « ICT skills are an important contribution to growth […] Over 4% of total employment is in ICT specialist occupations, over 20% in intensive ICT-using occupations.[…] ». The PIN partners believe that the opportunity is even larger if one takes into account the knock-on benefits that can be reaped from training a broad section of the workforce in low/medium level ICT and media skills.

At the begining of the second decade of the 21st century, employment opportunities requiring ICT competencies are already plentiful, but vacancies are difficult to fill as qualifications do not match with the requirements of the employers…

The PIN network will contribute to addressing this challenge by fostering better interaction between key stakeholders involving:

  1. industry organisations which have in-depth experience of e-Jobs and Internet-related jobs and direct access to ICT SMEs (suppliers and users of technologies);
  2. VET institutions with a focus on e-Jobs and Internet-related jobs;
  3. relevant public authorities and intermediary organisations.

By a contributing to a better interaction and information exchange, it is expected that all target groups addressed by the network will benefit in their various approaches of the e-Skills gap.

The network will concentrate on state of the art information sharing, notably through the e-Jobs Observatory, a targeted effort to streamline the interaction between employers (particularly SMEs) and VET providers and a number of round-tables and events to gather the various stakeholders.