10 Hot Jobs for 2011 (and How to Get One)

Mindjob publishes a great infographic listing ten « hot jobs » for 2011:  mobile applications developer, biomedical engineer, home help aide, physician assistant, software engineer, environmental engineer, HVAC technician, financial analyst, medical records technician, elementary school teacher. These current trends in the US job market may not be far away of Europe’s needs…

Your help is needed on prospective needs and job requirements for Internet-related jobs

The e-Jobs Observatory, a new initiative of the PIN project backed by an increasing number of organisations throughout Europe, has started working on improving the quality of education and training programmes for internet-related jobs. The partners are currently trying to assess the needs of companies active in the sector. YOUR HELP is crucial to provide adequate information about YOUR needs and requirements. PLEASE RESPOND to the e-Jobs Observatory’s questionnaire.

Respondents will be kept informed of the findings and will be invited to a series of round-table events to be organised by the e-Jobs Observatory in 2011 to discuss the subject with representatives of all stakeholders: employers, education & training institutions, public authorities. The aim is to make sure that adequate measures are taken to address the e-Skills gap, which has been identified as one of the most important challenges for the Internet / ICT sector in the coming years.