International experience on the development of European and National Qualification Frameworks

On 21 October 2010 in Budapest, Tempus Public Foundation with support of Ministry of National Resources and the European Commission has organized an international conference to share the development experience on how the various National Qualifications Frameworks were elaborated so far to correspond to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) with the aim to make the national qualification systems interchangeable and to offer more transparency for learners both on national and international levels.

Presentation topics:

  • Mr. Mike COLES (International Expert; UK): The EQF in EU Education Policy and the added value of National Qualifications Frameworks
  • Mr. Eduard STAUDECKER (Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture; AT): National Qualifications Framework in Austria – Design, Processes & Stakeholder involvement
  • Prof. Mile DZELALIJA (Leader of CROQF Expert Team; HR): Development and implementation of the CROatian Qualifications Framework
  • Dr. Anna MURPHY (National Qualifications Authority of Ireland; IE): The development and implementation of the Ireland’s National Framework of Qualifications
  • Prof. Riitta PYYKKÖ (Chair of the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council; FI): Development of the Finnish National Qualifications Framework
  • Mr. József TEMESI (Project Leader; HU): Designing and implementing a national qualifications framework: the Hungarian case

Naturally, next to the presentations, all the participants had opportunity to raise questions and share comments – moderated by Ms. Judit VISI, Ms. Éva TÓT and Mr. András DERÉNYI.

Further information and useful links: