Lifelong Learning Programme Info Day 2013

The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) Info Day 2013, organized by the European Commission (Directorate General Education and Culture) and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), took place on 12 November in Brussels. 
Participants had the chance to receive useful information on the priorities of the 2013 call, as well as practical advice on the preparation and submission of proposals, and on the management of grants. Brian Holmes, Acting Director of EACEA, opened the Day. Besides the presentations by EC officials, coordinators of projects receiving funding, shared their experiences with the audience. 
All sessions were transmitted live and on-line participation was strongly encouraged, mainly due to the limits of the on-site capacity.

A new project to investigate the skills and competences needed for Ambient Assisted Living jobs

A recently started project (CompAAL) investigates the skills and competences neededfor Ambient Assisted Living related jobs.  The ageing society will need a lot more specialised jobs than exist today. New skills profiles have to be set-up for professionals from various backgrounds, for example architects building AAL compatible homes, staff of ambulatory home care, and most of all IT specialists in order to enable them to design AAL systems and interfaces, to manage interoperability, as well as to create, manage and moderate social networks.
The project is funded by the Lifelong Learning programme of the European Commission. During 24 months CompAAL will generate:
  • A set of defined professions in the field of ambient-assisted living;
  • National qualification profiles in the field of professions in ambient-assisted living described by learning outcomes that will lead to
  • Comprehensive European qualification profiles;
  • Guidelines for training institutions complying with the principles of the ECVET