I.I.E.K. AKMH is now labeled by e-Jobs Observatory

The aim of Ι.Ι.Ε.Κ. ΑΚΜH is to provide any type of vocational training (initial or complementary), in order to ensure that our trainees are well qualified, not only by providing them scientific, technical, professional and practical knowledge but also enabling them to develop their respective skills in order to facilitate their vocational integration in society and to ensure a smooth adaptation to the changing needs of the production process.
Services of I.I.E.K. AKMH
Our core mission is to provide high quality training services in high market demand developing areas aiming to the vocational rehabilitation of our students. 
We strictly follow our corporate strategy, dictating that the combination of a high level of education, continuing education and training, as well as awareness of real competition in the labor market, is the « magic » recipe for personal and professional success of our graduates.
In  Ι.Ι.Ε.Κ. ΑΚΜH a student will have the opportunity to study alongside most eminent scientists and renowned professionals of all disciplines who are the team of teachers per subject area. Teachers are either owned by the regular teaching force, or invited as lecturers / speakers in educational seminar courses belong in the top of the Greek educational community and the labor market, and aim to share their extensive experience and valuable knowledge by offering students the best possible level of knowledge and training.
The Label of e-Jobs Observatory
Nowadays it is necessary to systematically monitor and improve the provision of education services. This label is important to us because we will:
  • Improve the effectiveness of educational service provided
  • Enhance the credibility of the organization to provide high quality service
  • Improve the image of the organization
  • Create a competitive advantage

SZAMALK Szakkozepiskola is now labeled by e-Jobs Observatory

SZAMALK Szakkozepiskola is an Hungarian school that provided ICT-related training programs from 20 years. Its training program offer has been growing ever since, which means today its provides – besides IT vocations – training programs in the field of the media, arts, economics as well as pedagogy and public transport (flight attendant courses). Since 2006 our school has been the member institution of “CISCO Academy”, so our students can attend two different CISCO courses (IT Essentials and CCNA) – this way they can take international exams in our school as well. 1200 students participate in the different training programs preparing for the labour market by acquiring up-dated competences.
The school has worked in many international projects and the developments are currently being performed. 

Why is the Label of e-Excellence important for your school ?

« Our school has won a special rank among the vocational educational institutions in Hungary not only with the help of its long traditions and experience in ICT education but with its activities in the field of methodology innovation. For the past 10 years the school has been involved in several experimental and innovation transfer projects, whose results have been used in the teaching process as well.« 

« Our school is innovative and experimental; we would like everything to be excellent. It is important for us to issue an international certificate as the only institution in Hungary. It is important that our students can find a job in other countries of Europe and that not only their certificates, but also their competences would be acknowledged. We would like our students to be able to benefit from their skills in an international level as well by providing IT English lessons. We would like to try out two pilot training courses to prove that the described job profiles meet the needs of the employers here in Hungary.« 

Results of the 2nd Polish roundtable

The 2nd Polish roundtable meeting within the ProInterNet Project, organized by the Wroclaw University of Economics (WUE), was held on the 04th of June 2012.
The meeting was attended mainly by representatives of training companies, as well as ICT companies and educational institutions. As many as 18 people gathered and discussed the topics from the agenda.
To see the results on:
1. e-Jobs Observatory platform development
2. e-Jobs Profiles description
3. Training Guidelines
4. Standardization principles – labelization & certification process