Greta Bretagne Sud reçoit le Label d’Excellence de l’Observatoire International des Métiers du Web

Le Label d’Excellence de l’Observatoire International des Métiers du Web a été décerné à Greta Bretagne Sud lors de la conférence « Impact des technologies web sur l’activité commerciale des entreprises et évolution des compétences ». François Adoue, directeur de l’Observatoire, a salué le travail d’équipe remarquable des formateurs du Greta et les a qualifié de fer de lance de la compétence TIC en Bretagne, seconde région de France en matière de Technologie de l’Information et de la Communication.

The Web School Factory received the Label of Excellence from e-Jobs Observatory

The Web School Factory is a school in Paris, France that trains the future talents of the digital economy in 5 years. Three schools from the Studialis network founded the Web School Factory : Strate Collège (Design), the Pôle ESG (Management) et Hetic (Digital Technologies). This is the reason why the curriculum is based on three pillars of training: Design, e-Business and Digital Technologies. The Web School Factory approach is the meeting of three disciplines for one Vision!
During the first year, you are able to delve deeper into the three dimensions of digital culture and to choose the discipline that will become your expertise.
Why is our label important for you?
Because a key objective of our school is to train future managers of digital innovation able to handle a project as a whole, and that Our first mission is to ensure that we train them to meet this high demand professionals for managers and polyvalent they access from their output quality jobs.

I.IEK ΒΕΡΓΗ received the Label of Excellence from e-Jobs Observatory

I.IEK ΒΕΡΓΗ, which stands for Private Institute for Vocational Education and Training VERGI, is one of the oldest (since 1960) and highly appreciated Institutes for Vocational Training in Greece always aiming at innovation, progress and services of high standards. I.IEK ΒΕΡΓΗ is authorized by the Greek Ministry for Education and the courses provided are strictly supervised by the General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning. I.IEK ΒΕΡΓΗ is certified with ISO 9001 by DQS.
Why is our label important for you?
Our belief is that implementing quality assurance should be part of the services  we provide and we have always encouraged our students to broaden their professional horizons through exchange programmes with other Institutions and various collaborations.
In particular the e-Jobs Observatory can be a profound network of quality assurance in e-Jobs and an excellent tool of formulating a standardized status of e-Skills and e-Competences only with one goal; the reduction of unemployment around Europe in e-jobs. The Label will distinguish our Institute and will define our ICT students europeanly “approved” in this field.

For Sas received the Label of Excellence from the e-Jobs Observatory

For Sas was established in 2006 drawing on the experiences of its creators, as a centre for supporting SMES in several fields, focusing primarily on vocational training.
Its mission is to support enterprises by promoting the development of their human resources, utilizing over 15 years of accumulated experience of its consultants and the collaboration of private schools and Universities.
Our E-learning platform completes the training offer: this tool allows real time monitoring of training course trends (with specific contact charts) and a range of tests designed specifically for every single training lesson.

For Sas offers a series of services to enterprises such as financial costs and needs analysis, fund raising, management of cash flow, … and launched in 2008 a supporting service for public and private entities involved in European Project.

Why did they request the Label of Excellence?

« The Label of Excellence is a fundamental step for the promotion of proper training processes as provided by For SAS. The company is engaged from 2008 in finding new ways in the field of Vocational Training, in promotion of innovative and concrete practices and in participating to large and relevant European Networks. The label can also constitute the mean by which For SAS can participate to the ongoing discussion upon vocational training future.«