1st Berlin Symposium on Internet and Society

The 1st Berlin Symposium on Internet and Society: Exploring the Digital Future, will take place the 25-28 October 2011 in Berlin.

The event is looking forward to welcoming Internet & society scholars from all disciplines to exchange perspectives and deliberate about the best ways to research and shape the ransformation of our societies caused by networked information technology.

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Foundation of the Institute for Internet and Society

Hosted by three leading academic institutions in Germany, including Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin University of the Arts and the Social Science Research Center Berlin, and in close collaboration with the Hans-Bredow-Institute in Hamburg, the institute will bring together leading academics to engage in innovative research focusing on questions of Internet innovation, Internet policy, information and media law and global constitutionalism. The institute is meant as an enabling environment for an open debate and fruitful discussion of the many questions arising from the leading role that new technologies play in the context of the global information society.
Source: http://www.internetundgesellschaft.de/ (can also be assessed for further information)