An AAL solution has been awarded as 1 of the 10 most innovative worldwide

The « Compagnon digital » (Digital Companion) is a touch screen with a thousand functions, especially for the elderly. This innovation launched by the Belgian start-up « CareSquare » has been awarded by the Netexplo Forum. Each year, the global observatory of digital innovation awards 10 projects that are the most promising and innovative. 

The « Digital Companion » was designed to extend and enhance the independence of the elderly and home care. It allows medical monitoring of patients suffering from certain diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or pulmonary disease.

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Switzerland at the top of Europe-dominated Global Innovation Index 2012

Thanks to a large number of patent applications to the latest Global Innovation Index (GII), Switzerland is marked as the most innovative country in the world. Switzerland is placed number 1 in a list, which is dominated by European countries.

Apart from Switzerland, five EU member states took top-ten positions: Sweden followed Switzerland in second place, Finland and Denmark came fifth and sixth respectively, whilst the Netherlands and United Kingdom came ninth and tenth.

The index also showed a marked geographic division between European countries, however, with western and core countries outperforming their eastern and southern neighbours.

According to Francis Gurry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), « Innovation is central to economic growth and to the creation of new and better jobs. It is the key to competitiveness for economies, for industries and for individual firms.« 

e-Skills highlighted in EU « Innovation Union » strategy paper

On page 10 of its new innovation strategy for 2010-20, « Innovation Union », the European Commission announces:

« In 2011, the Commission will propose an integrated framework for the development and promotion of e-skills for innovation and competitiveness, based on partnerships with stakeholders. This will be based on supply and demand, pan-European guidelines for new curricula, quality labels for industry-based training and awareness-raising activities ».