Report on ICT Professionalism and Training Programmes for ICT Managers in Europe

In the context of the e-Skills and ICT Professionalism project, CEPIS and the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) have published a synthesis report on « State of play regarding ICT Professionalism and Training Programmes for ICT Managers in Europe”. The objective of the research initiative is to support the development of:

-a European Framework for ICT Professionalism with the goal of enhancing ICT professionalism and mobility across Europe,
-a European Training Programme for ICT managers to promote new competences with a view to better address the challenges of ICT driven innovation and the future Internet.

The European Commission Directorate General Enterprise and Industry launched the project « e-Skills and ICT Professionalism » with the aim of supporting the development of a European Framework for ICT Professionalism, and a European Training Programme for ICT Managers, with the goal of improving ICT professionalism and mobility across Europe. This synthesis report marks the halfway point of pioneering research which is due to be completed in January 2012 and also signifies the end of Phase I of the project.

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University of Pannoia and Cap Digital two new e-Jobs Observatory platform supporters

University of Pannoia from Hungary and Cap Digital, a French Business cluster for digital content joined recently to the e-Jobs Observatory platform partner network.

The two new partners appear now in the « about » section of the site together with other supporters and they will acquire editorial rights which will allow to share information on the platform and participate in the restricted collaborative working group of e-Jobs supporters.

If you are interested in joining the platform network please fill in the form or contact us.

The Importance of Developing e-Competences & ICT Professionalism

ICT experts from 22 European countries gathered in Malta to provide their valuable expertise on developing ICT professionalism & building e-competences in Europe.

Representatives from almost two dozen informatics associations, members of the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS), met to underline the importance of professionalism in IT and other key CEPIS strategic activities that help promote the development of the information society in Europe.

To get a real view of the actual competences held by ICT professionals in Europe today, CEPIS is conducting a pan-European Professional e-Competence project , which analyses the digital competences of ICT professionals and how they comply with labour market requirements. The research is conducted via a web questionnaire based on the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF), developed by the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) Workshop on ICT Skills and supported by the European Commission and the Council of Ministers.

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