Successful Roundtable in Hungary

The first ProInterNet roundtable meeting in Budapest, Hungary last Thursday (24/03/2011) was a successful one.

There were 9 presenters -mostly represented the internet industry side- and 20 additional participants from creative companies and educational sector, which allowed for a fruitful discussion about the current and future situation of the internet industry and e-jobs. It can be assumed that this roundtable was the kick off for a growing network with interesting key actors.

The workshop programme and its presentations can be seen here:

The results of the discussion will be processed soon, as it serves valuable addition to our running ProInterNet project.

ProInterNet – Roundtable Meeting in Budapest – 24 March 2011

The Hungarian Association of Content Industry (MATISZ), a partner in ProInterNet project, will host a ProInterNet workshop/roundtable meeting on 24 March 2011 in Budapest, Hungary.

MATISZ therefore offers a unique opportunity for VET institutions, universities, companies, and public institutions to get to know and learn from each other in regard to internet-related jobs. The intention is to present a platform with a network of key players in the industry and shall enhance the interaction in order to facilitate the education and employment of people with internet-related jobs.

You can find the more information in this MATISZ article, or please contact Mr. Ferenc Hargitai