« Green means business », A new generation of environmentally-aware entrepreneurs has emerged

People don’t actually care about climate change too much because it’s a very long process. To motivate people you have to make them save money. And for us it is a business because we want to earn money in the process. We want to change the world that people live in,” says Greif, an ambitious young entrepreneur.
A new generation of environmentally-aware entrepreneurs has emerged, setting up business plans which aim at decreasing the environmental footprint. 
Interested in meeting some of these young entrepreneurs and finding out the concepts behind their business plans?

What skills do you need for a Green ICT Job?

The new Green IT node project investigates the needed skills and competences for green ICT jobs. The project started in November 2011 and address the shortage of skilled professionals in the Green IT field. During the 24 months of the project, Green IT node  will analyse the market needs, the existing trainings available for the different components and competences, and define a professional standard in the participating European countries. 

Green IT node will develop European specialist profiles that are in compliance with the principles of the European metaframeworks EQF/e-CF and ECVET as well as guidelines for developing/setting-up further vocational training measures for Green ICT jobs. The expected impact will allow for comparable skills sets for these professions of the future which supports the European labour market and tus, the employability of professionals while at the same time contributing to one of the major challenges of Europe 2020.
Green IT node is funded by Lifelong Learning programme of the European Commission.

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