Presentation: Green IT is a great Enabler !

« Green IT – The Economics & the Jobs Scenario » is the title of a presentation provided by Daman Dev Sood, Head of Green IT Practice. He demonstrates that Green IT is a great enabler by answering following questions: 
– Why should we go green?
– Why should we promote green ICT even in India?
– What are the job opportunities in this new environment? 

Green Corner : First Green IT newsletter

Green Corner – Huge investments have been and are made by the
EC and the Member States to support ICT research and the adoption of new tools
to control over how much we consume at a personal level and allows utilities to
better integrate renewable energy sources and reduce wastage.

New ICT developments aim at enhancing  existing processes, enabling new ways of working
and behaving  to support a lower-carbon
economy which will be crucial if we are to meet the Millennium Development
In this light, the GRIN-CH project aims at
identifying new and key specialisations demanded in the Green IT field, and
describing each of them in terms of knowledge, skills and competences needed.
The GRIN-CH consortium is now pleased to
present the first newsletter and wish you all an inspiring read!