Google implemented Green IT measures and saved a billion dollars

On 9 Octobre 2012, Google invite several organisations to a conference about energy transition. It aimed to present the measures taken by Google about energy consumption and the reduction of its carbon footprint. All the informations were already on
Among the measures presented:
  • the famous Finnish datacenter that is cooled with seawater
  • The widespread use (one third of their consumption) of electricity from renewable sources or through the purchase of green certificates, or by direct implantation wind farm.
  • Carbon offsetting. According to Google, their power consumption in 2011 was amounted to 2,675,898 MWh, or 1.3% of global consumption of Datacenters.

According to Google, the measures implemented allowed them to reduce the electric bill of around a billion dollars. And obviously, it’s good for their image.

Tips for Web Designers and Web Content Managers

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