Web Marketers : Is Google better than Facebook for Advertising?

A comparison of the two companies from WordStream, a search marketing management company, suggests that Facebook is a much less effective ad medium than Google.  According to WordStream, Facebook has less reach, and its individual ads are less effective, than old fashioned web advertising, according to WordStream’s numbers, which it delivered—naturally—in the form of an infographic.

Most alarming for Facebook: The average click-through rate for an ad on the internet generally is just 0.1 percent. At Facebook, it’s even lower: 0.051 percent. Google’s CTR is 0.4 percent.  WordStream also makes reference to scope of users that each company reaches,

Facebook: 51% of all internet users
Google: 90% of all internet users

Click through rates: Facebook: 0.051%, Google: 0.4%; Average: 0.1%.   Formats: Facebook: standard display ad, Sponsored Stories.  Google: Text ads, image ads, video text overlay ads, mobile web game ads

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