Results of the first European Business Forum on Vocational Training

The first European Business Forum on Vocational Training took place on 7 and 8 June in Brussels. It was focused on « challenges and trends in skills and career development of the European workforce ».
The closing panels debated challenges and the way ahead for policy making putting emphasis on more permeability between the education sectors, flexible learning provision, entrepreneurship, up-skilling of low skilled people quality assurance aspects.

Pixelgyar has been labeled by the e-Jobs Observatory platform

Pixelgyar Ltd. is composed of a team of designers and developers focused on Facebook marketing, mobile apps and web design. The Webdesign courses started 2011 january and it is evolving every month.  
Pixelgyar is certificated, gives quality courses, and actives e-professional networks.

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The Copenhagen Declaration Launched at the e-Skills Week final event

The European e-Skills Week 2012 – a pan-European campaign backed by the European Commission – came to its conclusion last Friday, 30 March 2012, after hundreds of exciting events and activities delivered across thirty-six countries.
As a result, the partners and stakeholders in European e-Skills Week have produced the e-Skills Copenhagen Declaration, which supports the objectives of the 2007 Communication from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions and is a complement to the e-Skills Manifesto.
The Copenhagen Declaration has received the endorsement of thirty eight organisations, and many more will join in supporting the implementation of a grass roots activities to deliver competiveness, productivity and growth to Europe, through a strong commitment to ensuring that all European citizens are equipped to work and participate in the digital economy of the 21st century.
The Declaration is a complement to the latest version of e-Skills Manifesto, which will be published in fully in June 2012 – an interactive version of the Manifesto may be found on line for comment.

European e-Skills Week final event, 30 March 2012, Copenhagen

e-Jobs Observatory representants will attend the closing event of the European e-Skills Week 2012 on 30 March in Copenhage. The event will highlight and reward best e-Skills practice observed throughout the campaign and present recommendations to ensure the sustainability of the event. Special attention will be paid to the impact of skills on productivity and growth and on innovation ability.

Venue:  Experimentarium
Address: Tuborg Havnevej 7, DK-2900 Hellerup, Copenhagen
Date:  30 March 2012

Roundtable – « Bridging the Gap between Market Needs and Training Outcomes: Seizing the Opportunity of e-Jobs », 17 April 2012, London

The e-Jobs Observatory organises a rountable in London to explore the gap between market needs and training outcomes in Internet-related jobs. The meeting will take place on 17 April 2012 at e-Skills UK, 1 Castle Lane, London SW1E 6DR.
The roundtable aims at fostering better interaction between key stakeholders, improving the quality of Vocational Education & Training (VET) in the field of e-Jobs, improving the employability of job seekers and reducing the e-skills shortages on the EU labour market.
In addition, a proposal for a Label of Excellence and Seal of Market Compliance for e-Jobs training courses and modules will be presented to key stakeholders to obtain their valuable feedback.
The Roundtable is one of a series organised by the e-Jobs Observatory in different EU countries during the Spring of 2012.

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e-Jobs Observatory partner international stakeholder of e-Skills week 2012

e-Jobs Observatory partner EMF, is now part of the international stakeholder network of e-Skills week 2012, together with other industry partners, education bodies and public authorities. The European e-Skills Week 2012 is a European campaign focused on showing people how to get jobs through e-skills in the digital age. Building on the success of e-Skills Week 2010, the DG for Enterprise and Industry has again teamed up with DIGITAL EUROPE and European Schoolnet, to drive awareness of the need for e-skills and their benefits. The campaign will deliver an exciting programme of events and activities in more than 30 countries; culminating in a dedicated e-Skills Week between 26 and 30 March 2012.

CERT-IT a new partner of the e-Jobs Observatory network

CERT-IT, the German accredited certifier in the area of IT and Education has recently joined the e-Jobs Observatory network by supporting the e-Jobs Observatory platform. CERT-IT appear now in the « about » section of the site together with other supporters and will participate in the restricted collaborative working groups of e-Jobs supporters.

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European e-Skills Week stakeholders opening conference 19 March 2012, Brussels

The Stakeholders opening conference of the European e-Skills Week 2012 will take place on 19 March in Brussels, Belgium.  It will bring together all stakeholders – such as high-level public authorities, key industry representatives and research organisations – to discuss the current situation and needs of the e-Skilled workforce.

The event will feature a plenary session on e-Skills policy in practice, as well as panel debates on the topic of e-Skills with both young people and ICT professionals.

Venue:  European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
Address: Jacques Delors Building, JDE 62 (6th floor), 99 rue Belliard, B-1040
Time:  19 March, 10.15 – 19.30
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High-level policy discussion: In a Cloud world – How do IT skills matter for Europe’s competitiveness?

The High-level policy discussion: In a Cloud world – How do IT skills matter for Europe’s competitiveness? will be held today (27 February 2012) in Brussels, organized by the Danish Technological Institute, Fraunhofer and DG Enterprise & Industry .
The event aims to invigorate the eSkills debate to ensure that Europe remains competitive in the cloud future and it is organised in three sessions:
-Cloud Visions: Why we need to be talking about skills?
-Developing tomorrows eSkills, training tomorrows IT professionals
-Policy approaches for the future: a call for action
The event will also serve to launch the report: « Cloud computing – Cyber security and green IT – e-Skills for ICT practitioners and entrepreneurs« , which was commissioned by the DG Enterprise & Industry. 
Download the agenda
More information on the report will be soon added to this Blog.

Implementing eCompetence Framework into ICT SMEs

As a result of the « eCF into SMEs » project, the document “Implementing eCompetence Framework into ICT SMEs” focuses on the issues raised by the implementation of the eCompetence Framework in ICT SMEs. It also addresses the issue of moving SMEs towards a greater awareness of their e-competence needs and e-certification opportunities. The document has been carried out in the framework of the CEN WS ICT Skills with funding from the European Commission.

The document contains the following outcomes:

-The current set of ICT SME e-CF competences and levels with possible language simplifications
-A tool for e-competence need analysis within ICT SMEs that will replace the semi-structures questionnaire as new release shared and adjusted with SMEs
-An e-Certification chart example based on e-CERT method connecting ICT SMEs e-DF competences to e-certifications available on the market (both proprietary and open source)
-A synthetic document with conclusions of interviews within SMEs
-Overall considerations on costs of e-competence formal recognition (i.e. e-certification) for SMEs.

Download the document