The 31 Winners of the prestigious European Seal of e-Excellence were published today

The names of the 31 Winners of the prestigious European Seal of e-Excellence were published today (5 February). The award ceremony takes place on the 5th March 2013 at 4.30PM at the Open Stage of the CeBIT in Hanover, Germany.
Created by EMF, the Forum of e-Excellence, the Seal is the public recognition for winners that they’ve translated an innovative idea into a valuable and bankable product/service that has an excellent track record in the market. These SMEs honored by this awards are the Big companies of tomorrow and will certainly look after high-skilled employees to develop their products or services all around the world.

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The e-Jobs Observatory participates at the 2012 European Employment Forum

On 27/28 November 2012, the e-Jobs Observatory will participate for the first time in the European Employment Forum in Brussels.

Businesses, social partners, government and EU policy makers, as well as individual professionals from across the EU and beyond, will gather in the European capital to explore ways that will boost the employability of the European labourforce and pave the way out of the recession. 
Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in conference sessions, exhibitor sessions and focus groups, allowing in depth conversations on topics which focused on the efforts at regional, national and European level to alleviate unemployment and current social problems.
Representatives of the e-Jobs Observatory will present the role of internet-related skills and competences and call on the need to reduce the e-skills gap by developing training courses that meet ICT labour market requirements.
Ed Mahood, Chairman, will participate in the conference session “Austerity and jobs: impacts and alternative approaches”.
Philippe Wacker, Director, will lead the discussion forum session “Seizing the opportunity of e-Jobs”.
Adriana Baer, Project Coordinator, will showcase the e-Jobs Observatory, during the Exhibition presentation “Fighting e-skills shortages and unemployment: the e-jobs Observatory”.

EQF iServe Final Conference held in Bordeaux

The Final Conference of EQF iServe has been held in Bordeaux on 22 May 2012, in cooperation with Emploi-Bordeaux. With more than 160 stakeholders in the audience – policy-makers, training institutions, companies and students – the event exceeded all expectations. A key note speech by the Director of Emploi-Bordeaux, Gilles de Wavrechin, emphasised the importance of digital professions for the labour market. Moderated by François Adoue, Director of the Observatoire international des metier de l’Internet, Adriana Baer, coordinator of the iServe project, gave an overview of the project while Philippe Wacker, EMF, and Ed Mahood, DEKRA, presented the job profiles and training guidelines. 
A Round Table of ICT representatives discussed “e-Jobs” while the general public was involved through life twits on the screen. In short: the importance of digital competences at all levels has been confirmed but the increased need for transversal skills –often soft skills or entrepreneurial skills – makes training more complex in the future.
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