How to write for the Web ? just KISS !

Curated by Editoile (French communication agency )

A web redactor needs to keep some principles in mind to write correctly for the web : we can summarise as follows :
just KISS :
Keep It Short and Simple
This does not mean without style but just sweet and simple.
Just simplify formulation, to be understandable at first blick. This is not simple, it means to work hard to be clear like a water source ! Does each word has an added value ?

New internet job : Curator.

A new internet job appears and develops each day: the Curator !
The name Curator comes from the English designation for the museum specialist who cares for individual parts of a museum’s collections.

The Internet Curator’s role is to seek on the web information related to a specific domain, filter them, select them, organise and present them. The objective is to obtain information from the whole word, to qualify this information and to share it with other people. This activity is close to the internet watch brief, with an added objective to share and distribute the information for a team.

Since a few months Curator has become a trendy word on the internet, announcing for some a new revolution in web information management.

More and more information is available on the net, social networks, blogs, websites…. Sourcing the web (identification of pertinent sources) is not easy. The Curator offers guidance in this.

Till now, sorting information on the web has been done mainly by search engines through algorythms. But only the first pages of search results are read. With the appearance of Curators, data is not automatically assembled, but selected by humans who understand what they do and are able to qualify the information.

This activity is not totally new, Internet watch has been known from many years. Tools have now improved and have changed the job. According to Guillaume Decugis, founder of « one of the objectives of curation is the wish and the need to share and contribute to the web. More than a job it is a passion. The curators want to improve knowledge on a specific topic that is dear to their heart and facilitate access to content by others ».

Source : (in French) by Gabrielle Denis