Implementing eCompetence Framework into ICT SMEs

As a result of the « eCF into SMEs » project, the document “Implementing eCompetence Framework into ICT SMEs” focuses on the issues raised by the implementation of the eCompetence Framework in ICT SMEs. It also addresses the issue of moving SMEs towards a greater awareness of their e-competence needs and e-certification opportunities. The document has been carried out in the framework of the CEN WS ICT Skills with funding from the European Commission.

The document contains the following outcomes:

-The current set of ICT SME e-CF competences and levels with possible language simplifications
-A tool for e-competence need analysis within ICT SMEs that will replace the semi-structures questionnaire as new release shared and adjusted with SMEs
-An e-Certification chart example based on e-CERT method connecting ICT SMEs e-DF competences to e-certifications available on the market (both proprietary and open source)
-A synthetic document with conclusions of interviews within SMEs
-Overall considerations on costs of e-competence formal recognition (i.e. e-certification) for SMEs.

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