Germany’s still struggling to get into the online education market

Periodically, I simply like to look for jobs in Germany. Not that I need one, but for projects in which I am involved, it is always interesting to see what is available, especially in regard to the various project foci. This time it was e-Jobs, like those whose profiles are being developed in the e-Virtue Project. Being located in Germany, however, I’m particularly interested in how the job market is developing in this sector, especially since the Germany economy, according to its politicians at least, is booming.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed again. I found listings for content developers, for example, in Germany, but at an English site, And I stumbled over a couple of online-language-teaching jobs at the German Craiglist site. Needless to say, this is a bit thin.

It would seem that both the Brits and the Americans are still leading the way in this field. Not only are wanted-ads more readily available and more easily accessible, there is a wealth of additional information available for people who are looking to perhaps get back into work or to change their career fields. One example, which I found particularly interesting was a site for work-at-home moms who might be interested in working even part-time. The information regarding the instructional designer was a good place to start thinking about possibilities, to say the least.

It is truly time for the German e-learning sector to get on board. If career information and job or career opportunities are to be found, they should, at a minimum, be found online.