e-reputation to increase recruitment opportunities

e-reputation is the new key for employment! Even in SME no recruiter will engage someone without checking his (her) name on Google ! In a recruitment process the manager evaluate the opportunities and the risks that he takes by recruiting someone. Nowdays nearly all recruiters look is there is anything who can show a risk for recruiting someone, the main tools used for this search are Google and social networks Linkedin, twitter, Facebook and Viadeo. When someone is not present at all, this light on the fact that the candidate has something to hide, or is not used with new technologies. photographs are also important to establish the e-reputation of a candidate, they show how this person is in a non formal environement. This demonstrate the accordance of the person between personal and professional life !

Social networks and e-reputation: the way to employment!

Recruitments are changing, as well for SME or for large companies. A CV and a motivation letter are not the only informations sources a recruiter looks when seraching for someone to engage.

Google is also the support for recruitments in SME, as when publishing an add, hundreds of CV are received. that means that now recruiters often do not want to publish anything and look through Google persons who could fill their needs. By the way, they also check everything wich can be found on the net : social networks and any published document to verify if the transversal competences are fulfilled. This search is also done by large companies inside the recruitment process, and if the image which is given by the e-reputation, or social networks activities (highly ranked by Google) does not fit with resume or needs, they remove the application.

Social networks and e-reputation have to be checked and valorised in all searches for a job !