How to build your career in IT

The best technology jobs are never jobs that get posted publicly. You might hear about them through a friend or someone you meet at a networking event, but you aren’t likely to find them posted on a job board. So how do you build a career in IT when the best stuff is hiding in plain sight? You need to have a passion for technology.
There are many paths to a career in IT, including formal education and personal training programs, but no matter how skilled you are, the best jobs are found through relationships. But should you specialize or go for that more well-rounded approach? Can you learn once and expect to carry yourself through to retirement? How does your personal brand impact your ability to have a career in IT? Can what you say on YouTube today impact your ability to get a job in IT tomorrow?
Bobby Knight, SVP at Modis, provides perspective on how to build a great career in IT.

10 Ways To Beat The Job-Search Blues:

A recent survey of jobless Americans confirms what any unemployed person already knows: being out of work is depressing — very depressing. More than half of the 445 people surveyed between Oct. 19 and 25 in The New York Times/CBS News poll “said that they had experienced emotional or mental health problems like anxiety or depression because of their lack of work, and nearly half said that they had felt embarrassed or ashamed not to have jobs,”

According to Deborah L. Jacobs, from Forbes Staff, at times like this, you need every available resource and coping mechanism. Based on interviews with career coaches and recent e-mails — both from experts and job-hunters —there are 10 basic advices:

1. Join a support group.
2. Volunteer for a non-profit.
3. Project optimism (even if you have to fake it).
4. Take stock of your professional achievements.

5. Check how many people have viewed your profile on LinkedIn.

6. Make a list of the things you are thankful for.
7. Curb bad habits.
8. Build a virtual board of directors.
9. Schedule personal time.
10. Create a safety net.

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